ERP / Accounting

Our Customized E-commerce solution includes on-demand Accounting / ERP solution that supports all your back-office operations. While some Accounting software provides one or a few pieces of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, our solution offers a comprehensive business suite with everything you need in one powerful solution, you can manage financials, order fulfillment, purchasing, inventory, time and billing, payroll, employee self-service, Web presence, and more. The Accounting / ERP software system components are tightly integrated, giving you access to real-time business intelligence to make better decisions. And you can automate business process across the company.
ERP / Accounting

What this means is your entire business can run in real time. Employees can move faster and smarter. Customers are served better. Orders can be filled and tracked more quickly and easily, with inventory levels updated in real time. And with full visibility into inventory by sales reps for order promising and by planners for purchasing, companies can lower inventory levels, analyze inventory costs and collaborate with vendors more effectively.

Most important, our Accounting / ERP is seamlessly integrated with CRM and ecommerce for end-to-end business process management across your business. And because we create an open system, you can also seamlessly integrate with third party, industry-specific and legacy software.

While ordering your custom software consider id the software provides the following:

  • Improve decision making with real-time metrics and role-based Dashboards.
  • Improve productivity with greater visibility and more automated back-office processes.
  • Ensure accountability and compliance with robust, auditable accounting.
  • Graduate from simple desktop accounting packages or from standalone accounting/ERP to powerful
  • Accounting/ERP that's integrated with CRM and Ecommerce.
  • Eliminate IT costs and hassles associated with maintaining and upgrading traditional client-server software applications.
  • On demand customization and extend easily to meet your exact needs.