VPN Remote Access

Securely access the office from home or from the road with a VPN server that will encrypt your sensitive data as it travels outside the office network.

Why do I need it?

With employees on the road, employees working from home, or emergencies outside of office hours. The need to access office resources when not in the office arise frequently. However attempting to do this without properly securing the connection can leave your network wide open for anyone that looks and leave your data visible while traveling to and from your network. Protect your connection with an SSL based VPN that will encrypt all traffic and will not leave any open doors to your office. Once connected you can establish a remote desktop session, Connect to a file server, or connect to any other resource available in your office.

How does it work?

The VPN server enables complete control over how remote connections are made and from who. A secure policy is configured on the VPN server describing who is allowed to connect to what. Than the employee is provided with a unique encrypted ssl key which is shared with the server when he or she attempts to make a connection.


  • Industry standard SSL encrypted connections
  • Easy to configure
  • Client Connection software