Cahching Security Proxy

Prevent access to the most dangerous sites on the internet using advanced filters and checks to verify legitimacy of pages. Updated daily this will make sure that computers are not compromised by unknowingly following a link. And will prevent employees from using company resources against company policy.

Why do I need it?

With a Security Proxy monitoring and protecting the web traffic in your office you can prevent time wasting usage of company resources by restricting access to certain websites and services. This also provides added security by blocking phishing sites, lookalikes that attempt to fool the visitor into believing that they are another site, blocking unwanted pop-ups, preventing infection from illegitimate sites, and on-the-fly analysis of web content to filter out illegitimate content.

How does it work?

The proxy will check for pages that contain profanities and phrases that are often associated with pornography and other undesirable content. URL and domain filtering will check websites against a frequently updated list of illegitimate domains and block them from being displayed. Concise log files are generated to show what websites have been visited, by whom and at what time.


  • Uses advanced filters system to detect illegitimate sites
  • URL filtering
  • Whitelisting
  • Ability to switch off filtering for sites domains browser IP's and user names
  • Advanced logging capabilities

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