Frequently Asked Questions

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What is your current minimum price per IPv4 address ?
Cronomagic offers low price of $0.60 per IP address per month for IP’s more than 1024, minimum you can lease is single IP for a price of $9.99/m
What is the smallest quantity of IP addresses I can lease ?
You can lease minimum of single IP.
How long can I lease this IPv4 address space ?
You can rent IP’s on monthly basis however a long term lease is always recommended, most people go for long term lease for multiple reason, one of them the cost is locked for a longer term, the IP’s are associated to you for a longer term etc. Even on longer term agreement you can cancel at any time without any heavy penalties.
Is it better to secure a larger block today when I only need a Class C ?
Yes, if you know you need more address space in the future. Because, blocks are fixed and specific. If you get a /24 today and 10 months from now get another /24 they won’t be sequential. They will be announced as two individual /24s. Securing a bigger block gives you a better chance of propagating your address space into more routers on the planet.
Will these IP addresses work with my company’s ISP ?
Yes, the IP address should work with any company and with any ISP, for small blocks we give static IP router which you will connect to your WAN port on your modem or router and then our router will give you static IP’s to your complete network without having to configure each device, for large blocks you can route them directly to your ISP ASN and we supply you a Letter Of Authorization (LOA) which allows you to operate using specific IP address space. Your ISP running Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) with you will then announce your addresses to the rest of the world.
Can I use Static IP as VPN?
Yes, Static IP can be used as VPN, the static IP router we offer comes with encryption so your traffic is safe on our static IP’s
Can I link my two offices or home or office with Static IP?
Yes, for example, if you lease two static IP’s one for home and one for office then we can link these two separate IP’s to one single Network so your home and office are always connected with each other, no matter who is the ISP on both places.
How do you pay ?
You can pay on monthly basis via credit card, PayPal or Bank transfer, for additional discounts you can pay annually.